Things that make you go hmmmmmm

Things like Nick Fuentes, who some say is anti-Semitic. He heads the America First PAC, a group Michelle Malkin has aligned with. Anyone who has read this blog knows how much I admire Michelle, so I took an interest in the AFPAC group, and, thus the accusations about Fuentes being anti-Semitic. And I began to look into Fuentes and past speeches he has made. More on that in a minute

I went through his Twitter, and commented to a tweet I found there. The subject was which matters more, race, or values. Naturally, as people who think know race is not even a factor to me, values are. Seemed to me like a very respectful message, but, apparently I triggered someone, because little Nick blocked me. Apparently he is a tad snowflaky. I mean if you disagree with what I said step up, say so right? I mean if you want to argue that someone’s race matters more than their values, then do it. Naw, easier to block someone on social media. I might even be tempted to suggest Fuentes grow a pair, but again, he seems a bit sensitive, poor little guy.

So, onto what matters here, and that is what are the values Fuentes admires? He seems to dislike Israel, and especially the foreign aid Israel receives from America

Then there is this………..

Sure, sure Nick, just let those peaceful Palestinians have “their land” back right? WRONG! Look, if I had my way, lots of the money we give out in foreign aid would never go out. If it were up to me we would tell the Useless Nations to pound sand. But I have no, as in ZERO issue with aiding Israel. But again, you think Iran is not a threat to us right? Sure sure, Iran would never sponsor any terrorism against us right? Is this clown for real?

Yeah, this asshat has no issues with Israel at all right? Folks, you can find a lot by listening to Fuentes. He is buddies with Alex Jones. What a class act Jones is right? And Holocaust denials? Not him……..

Yeah, class act there. REAL CLASS ACT

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