Sooo, Snowflakes want no consequences for missing work/class?

Entitled, on steroids!

Syracuse University suggested that students who skip class to protest should be excused and not penalized in any way.

Throughout the semester, protesters at Syracuse have caused continued disruption on campus, only recently being compelled by coronavirus concerns to end their occupation of a campus administrative building.

Campus Reform reported on Correspondent Justine Murray’s ongoing fear from professors and students, as she alleges that professors are ‘targeting her,’ calling her a “right-wing agitator” online due to her coverage of the protests and other events at the school. Murray says students also threatened to harm her as she overheard one student tell friends, “I’ll go confront her and I’ll call you when it’s done” after referring to her as an “exploiter.”

According to The Daily Orange, protesters with the #NotagainSU movement- a group that allegedly fights racism- gained support from the school’s employees. After a week of demanding “academic amnesty,” Interim Vice Chancellor and Provost John Liu encouraged the school to excuse protestors for missing class and give them three weeks to make up missed assignments.

So, again, these little bastards basically want amnesty, from any personal responsibility. How about, NO! How about they attend class, do their class work, show up for their jobs, and make arrangements for their “activism” on their own time? And if they cannot handle that, well, bye!

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