Sooooo, the Left calls us, and by us I mean normal people, knuckle draggers?

Yet they struggle with basic math skills? Zendo Deb revels in mocking their hypocrisy

 Why Can’t Liberals Do Arithmetic?

First there was the unforgettable math-is-hard moment when Brian Williams of MSNBC and Mara Gay of the New York Times proved they can’t do math. The link to that post is below. Mara Gay immediately, or maybe the next day, started to complain that anyone who questions her ability to do math is because they are racist. While I’m sure she’s dealt with racist idiots since that day, my only complaint is that neither Gay nor Williams can do 3rd or 4th grade math, and yet are ready to lecture us on the ins and outs of finance, campaign finance, tax policy, epidemiology, and a host of other topics that involve a lot more math than dividing 500 by 329. And now we have round two.

Briahna Joy Gray, press secretary for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign, said that 500 million people in the US go bankrupt every year from medical expenses. That’s a neat trick, because there are only 329 million people in the country (according to Wiki), and fewer than 1 million go bankrupt in any year for any reason.

Of course, the truth is truly meaningless to the left so, they really are not concerned with missing honesty as often as they do. They also know the media will not call them out on such statements because they are too busy blaming Trump for anything they can. 

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