YES! Chicago to end gang shootings by banning horse carriage tours

Another bit of skewed priorities, but the animal rights must be appeased or something

The city’s Committee on License and Consumer Protection on Wednesday unanimously approved the ordinance, which would effectively take carriages off the streets by Jan. 1, 2021. The measure halts the issue of new licenses and bars operators from renewing existing licenses. The city’s 10 current carriage licenses, each of which has a $500 annual fee, would expire at the end of the year.

Some offer rides around the Loop, taking passengers to Millennium Park, along riverside buildings and to the Buckingham Fountain.

But the horse-drawn carriage business is under pressure from animal rights activists and aldermen who want to eliminate the attraction.

In 2018, the consumer protection committee considered a similar measure, but declined to vote on the ordinance in hopes that animal rights activists and horse and carriage owners would find a compromise.

Newsflash, compromise with “animal rights activists” is pretty much impossible mainly because they love activism a lot more than actually helping animals. And, that is true of many “activists” who start out with a cause and devolve into “look at me” machines

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