Why yes, the Corona Virus IS being over-hyped

The Other McCain offers some wise words

Students at John Hopkins University have created a COVID-19 (Wuhan coronavirus) outbreak map, from which we may learn that, as of this morning, the disease has caused nearly 5,000 deaths worldwide, of which more than 4,000 were either in China or Italy. Likewise, of the 134,700 COVID-19 cases identified worldwide, four nations (China, Italy, Iran and South Korea) account for approximately 114,000 cases, about 85%. What percentage of COVID-19 cases are in the United States? A tiny fraction. We’ve had about 1,700 cases identified, with 41 deaths.

EVERYTHING IS CLOSED! No more NBA games, major league baseball has proposed postponing Opening Day, and my college-age kids have had their campuses closed down for the rest of the term. In New York, the governor has banned any gathering of more than 500 people, and the debate scheduled for Sunday between Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will take place without a live audience. Nine members of Congress have declared themselves in “self-quarantine” because they may have been exposed to the virus, and Democrats are trying to wedge all their pet projects into an emergency legislative package to deal with the outbreak. All this because of a contagion that has, so far, killed fewer Americans than gunfire in Chicago.

Did I mention that about three-quarters of U.S. coronavirus deaths have occurred in Washington State? Or that nearly all U.S. cases can humerbe traced to those who have traveled abroad? President Trump banned travel to China six weeks ago, and this week banned travel from continental Europe. Suseo between those travel bans and the shutting down of everything — no school! no sports! — we might reasonably expect the spread of the virus to soon begin dwindling. Yet as the actual risk to Americans is decreasing, it seems panic is conversely increasing.

Typical media over hyping, and sadly, typical political ass hats, hi Senator Schumer, using such things as tools to demonize a Republican president because it might win elections. Rather than imparting useful information and urging steps to avoid further spread of the virus, the media is in panic mode, again, because ratings. 

I am not sure about the sporting events, maybe postponing seasons, or post-season tournaments would be better than just scrapping them altogether? Again, follow the advice of doctors/scientists, and not panic mongers. And do not get me started on the stock selling knuckleheads……………….

2 thoughts on “Why yes, the Corona Virus IS being over-hyped”

  1. Of course what about the 10,000 plus in the United States who have died since November 2019 from the normal seasonal flu outbreak?

    *crickets* from the ”news media” & the progressive leftists because 1) it don’t fit their political agenda & most importantly 2) Trump is bad,bad,BAD! If there’s ANY way they can spin this (they are) to spread panic & fear,they’ll do it.The end justifies the means,remember.

    Don’t let a crisis go to waste,like that lowlife POS Rahm Emanuel said some years back….

    Don’t forget CHINA created the Coronavirus in a biowarfare lab in Wuhan China quite some time ago,what a way to kill off a bunch of people & get back at the US for those tariffs,among other things all at the same time.

  2. I was laughing at the idiots who where engaging in panic buying. Then, I realized they were stripping the store shelves
    of butt-wipe, foodstuffs, sanitizers, and other cleaning products. I am now forced to go full-on prepper myself because of
    these brain-dead morons! The Coronavirus has all the signs of a seasonal Flu so at worst, I may have to stay inside for
    3 or 4 weeks until things warm up a bit. There is no way the little buggers will survive long in 100+F highs out here
    in Burnt Scrotum CA in the Summer!

    “it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.”

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