University of Maryland students are not big fans of Matt Walsh

Just remember the left is the “tolerant” reasoned side folks. OH BOY!

As conservative commentator Matt Walsh was about to address a student audience Monday at the University of Maryland, one leftist student group made it clear that he was “not welcome” on campus.

Not Welcome to them, you see, they will tell you and I who is welcome, who we should listen to, etc.

The Prison Resistance Project, whose stated mission is to “foster, strengthen, unite, and sustain intense resistance to the criminal punishment system,” is listed on UMD’s website as a student organization.

Well, I know I know that anyone opposed to punishing criminals, especially violent ones, is, how should I phrase this, BATSHIT KRAZY! 

“We are first and foremost a prison abolition group, which means that we educate and agitate for the politics and goals of this movement and apply its many principles to all of our work,” the description of the group states.

Yes, like I said BATSHIT KRAZY! But I do ponder what an anti-prison advocacy group has to do with transsexuals


Well that is convenient right? Just allow little brown shirts to tell you what to think. Just shut your brain off kids. Let these knuckle draggers dictate your opinions. Sheesh!

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