Idiots! Idiots everywhere I tell ya!

Well I do tend to see idiots all over. Yes, even here in Virginia, where 99% of the idiots seem to be contained to the state legislature. But, in truth there is a dramatic increase in idiots it seems. Odd, the more people with college degrees the more idiots we see. HMMMMM, maybe it is all those junk degrees? Or maybe the level of indoctrination rather than education? Animal, who has a little patience with idiots as I do, has a whole list of idiots being idiotic

And yes, he addresses those fools who are pondering why Senator Warren flamed out

What happened to Lieawatha Warren?  Well, she was a terrible candidate:  Shrill, hectoring, and pushing horrible policies.

BINGO! She lectured, scolded, screeched, preached, and brow beat everyone, all while pushing plans no amount of money could ever pay for. 

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