Marxifornia, AGAIN!!!

The Pit of Eternal Leftist Stupidity has no bottom, as The Right Scoop notes

In the video below criminals loot a store in San Francisco in broad daylight and in front of the very people who work in the store, and these criminals do it without any hesitation whatsoever:

Well, there we go folks, the left wants less policing, less arrests, no cash bail, and God forbid “disproportionate arrests etc.  And who pays the price for such stupidity? The store owners and costumers in cases like the one above. But, again, this is where the “good intentions” of fools lead. You will never achieve a goal of less crime by legalizing, and thus normalizing criminal behavior. In fact we will, as a society get more crime. And not just theft either, violent crimes will rise as well. But, that is not a bad thing to the left. They will just blame “gun violence” while attacking police who actually are forced to shoot violent thugs. And legal gun owners will be blamed of course, because self-defense is contradictory to the “values” of collectivists.

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