Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Wrong store!

An armed robbery at a North Carolina convenience store turned deadly for the teenager who held up the family-owned business when a customer and concealed carry holder drew their own gun and fired several shots.

18-year old Malik Harris entered the store on Saturday morning armed with a gun, and began threatening workers and customers.

“There were three or four customers in the store. And the guy came in and put the gun on all the customers, made everyone come [behind the counter] at gunpoint,” said Adil Khawaja.

While the store employees and customers were huddled behind the register, another unsuspecting person walked into the store.

“He grabbed her by the neck, brought her back [behind the counter] at gunpoint,” Khawaja said.

As the robber was distracted, one of the customers pulled out his own gun and fired at Harris four to five times, striking the would-be robber and ending the threat. Harris was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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