STOP apologizing to snowflakes, whiners, and miscreants

Allow me to be clear. If a word, yes even “that word which can never be uttered” causes you that much stress, the problem is YOU! If it is used in a historical context, like, quoting LBJ, for example, simply hearing the word should not bother you to such an extent that you devolve into a whining, screeching preening, drama queen. In other words, if the worst thing that happens to you is hearing “that word” then you have it pretty good. So, again, do NOT be like these whiners, and for God’s sake do not reward their petulant attitudes by apologizing.

The University of Oklahoma has apologized after a history professor used the n-word in class while reading from a “historical document.”

OU President Joseph Harroz Jr. sent a letter to the OU community addressing the incident by announcing plans to institute a mandatory “diversity, equity, and inclusion” training for all faculty, staff, and members of the administration. The training will address “implicit bias.”

This latest incident follows another episode, where a different professor equated the phrase “OK, boomer” to the n-word.

“We are all weary of racially charged incidents occurring within our university community,” Harroz began.

Harroz then focused on the faculty member who used the racial slur in the classroom.

“While she could have made the point without reciting the actual word, she chose otherwise,” Harroz wrote. “Her issuance of a ‘trigger warning’ before her recitation does not lessen the pain caused by the use of the word. For students in the class, as well as members of our community, this was another painful experience. It is common sense to avoid uttering the most offensive word in the English language, especially in an environment where the speaker holds the power.”

AGAIN, STOP! Stop coddling these students. You are only encouraging their behavior, which, frankly, amounts to bullying everyone around them to be wary of uttering anything that might offend them. And, finally, stop nonsense like this (emphasis mine)

According to Harroz, after the previous incident, OU officials began working on “action steps” to address these issues. Among these were the new mandatory training and an “incident response protocol” that “quickly employs culturally restorative justice practices designed to create a pathway to reconciliation through education and the changing of behavior.” 

Really? More over reaction is not the solution, and never will be. Seriously, who comes up with such nonsensical babbling? Good Freaking Grief!

How about we be honest with students, both those who actually get so offended over a word, and those agitators using “offensive language” as an excuse to bully and intimidate? How about we tell them that they ARE going to hear things that offend them, and that no one owes them emotional support. No one owes them fake sympathy for their fake emotional distress. How about we offer some two-word solutions? Like “so what?’ or “too bad”, or maybe “tough luck”? 

4 thoughts on “STOP apologizing to snowflakes, whiners, and miscreants”

  1. Lol, I get the biggest kick out of triggering every pantywaist miserable little snowflake I encounter.
    I do it on purpose too.
    I haven’t had the good fortune to run into a LBGQTRYSHAMALAMADINGDONG yet but when I do I am going to mount that trophy.

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