Sliceable Mayo?

NOW I have seen everything

Is spreading mayonnaise on a sandwich too exhausting? Tired of having to open the darned jar? There’s got to be a better way!

A Japanese food company called Bourbon (no, it doesn’t make corn mash) has come out with a new line of mayonnaise in slices, like a slice of Kraft American cheese. Dubbed a “sheet-like condiment” by the company, it comes in two horrible sounding flavors: a tuna mayonnaise sheet and a mayonnaise and mentaiko slice, which is a spicy cod roe.

Good freaking Grief, BUT WAIT! If you act now, and scroll down, you can really be disgusted!

The Japanese love the condiment so much they even make mayo pudding and mayo ice cream bars.  “Calorie Monster Cherio Creamy Mayonnaise Flavor boasts a complex mix of cookie, white chocolate, and mayonnaise that might be just sweet and egg-y enough to work,” Sora reported last year. The 300-calorie treat has a white-chocolate center that is “surrounded by mayonnaise-flavored ice cream, then encased in a shell of white chocolate and cookie crumbs.”

Mayo is great, but COME ON!

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