“No one wants to take your guns” The lefts’ biggest lie

The left detests natural rights, and, of those liberties, which our nation was founded upon, the right to keep and bear arms is the one they despise the most. Yes, they always insist that they do not take anyone’s gun away. After all, they tell us, they are hunters too, or their fathers owned a rifle, or they respect the respect the second amendment, or any number of lies. And yes, when a leftist tells you they do not want your guns, they are telling the most transparent, egregious lie.

Mike McDaniel understands their dishonesty, and, as always holds nothing back in setting the record straight. Take Joe Biden for instance


Sounds like a real firearms expert doesn’t he?

During his years as Vice President, Biden provided advice on guns that would be likely to get anyone practicing it arrested and jailed.  He repeatedly claimed the best self-defense weapon was a double-barreled shotgun, and urged people to fire blindly through doors and into the air.  A true believer, he is consistent, at least, in his desire to disarm the law abiding, as The Daily Wire.com reports:

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden made extreme remarks during a CNN town hall event on Thursday night where he called for banning semi-automatic firearms and ‘clips that have multiple bullets in them,’ which would effectively ban nearly all firearms.

One might think this would leave revolvers, but it would be a mistake to think people like Biden would exclude them.  Once any class of firearm is successfully banned, every remaining class would soon follow.

I’m going to do everything in my power in office or out of office to get those assault weapons off the street, which I have done once already,’ Biden claimed. ‘And to get those clips that have multiple bullets in them not for sale, not be able to sell silencers, all those things.’

Sounds pretty dictatorial there doesn’t it?. And the rest of the Democratic field is just as bad, as uncompromising as Senile Joe is. McDaniel sets everyone straight on why free people should never “compromise” what the is ours by birth right

But what about compromise?  Anti-liberty/gun cracktivists constantly talk about “common sense gun safety” measures, and castigate normal Americans honoring the Constitution for refusing to “compromise.”

Biden, who made the remarks while talking to reporters, later said that there should be no compromise with the Republicans when it came to his extreme anti-Second Amendment proposals.

How does one compromise the tools necessary to exercise the right to self-defense? How may one compromise the means necessary to resist tyranny?  D/S/Cs snort derisively and accuse anyone bringing up the Founder’s primary reason for the Second Amendment—deterring, and when necessary, overthrowing a tyrannical government—an alarmist traitor, but it is those that would neuter or eliminate any part of the Bill of Rights that betray the foundations of our representative republic.

Amen. And, no, Joe’s grand power grab of disarming the law abiding would not the first damn thing in preventing “gun violence”

Biden’s extreme proposal of banning semi-automatic firearms would do little to reduce mass shootings in the United States, according to a new study released this month by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, named after notorious anti-Second Amendment activist billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is also running for president as a Democrat.

That study, as  McDaniel rightly points out came from a reporter who was a supporter of “common sense gun control”. But understand that actually saving lives, preventing violent crimes, and the like is not a goal of the left. Taking your guns away is!

In response to several horrific school shootings in the U.S., Biden said that he did not want to protect kids at schools by arming school faculty.

Biden also attacked Texas Governor Greg Abbott last September for signing a bill into law that allowed Texans to carry lawfully owned firearms into places of worship, saying that it was ‘totally irrational.’

Three months after his remarks, a hero at a church in Texas stopped an attacker within a matter of seconds after the attacker opened fire on the congregation.

And, again, Joe is not the only Democrat who desires more unarmed victims of evil actors. Senator Warren, and Mike Bloomberg both dismissed the idea of armed self-defense. Yes, even after the man in Texas saved many lives in that church. Yes, really! As McDaniel points out they care only about power

They know best what you need and don’t need, what you should have, how much of your money you should be allowed to keep, and above all, they know you don’t deserve the means of self-defense.  Their lives are of inestimable value; they have all the armed security they need.  Yours has value only in its unwavering support of them and their utopian state.

They really do want you disarmed.


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