Why yes, Michael Bloomberg IS an elitist tool

The ROYAL PRICK who would be emperor

At a 2016 business forum, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg belittled farmers and factory workers, saying “I can teach anybody … to be a farmer.”

Two points here. First farming is a lot more than just putting a seed in a hole and adding water. I know, my grandfather farmed for decades, and grew about everything from greens, to peanuts, to melons, to corn, to sunflowers, and tomatoes, potatoes, and the list goes on and on. You have to know sun, water, seasons, and much more. So, Bloomberg is mistaken.

Second, my grandfather grew up in northern Georgia in the early 1900’s, and he also knew many other skills, besides farming. His family had the own sawmill, gristmill, butchered their own hogs and steers, chickens, etc. They hunted, fished, and did anything else needed to survive. He was also a mechanic, and the hardest working man I ever knew. And he lived the Golden Rule. Frankly, Bloomberg, being an elitist, might wish he could look down his nose at people like my grandfather, but, in reality, he is not fit to lick my grandfathers’s boots. Nor, frankly, is he fit to be anywhere near political power.

2 thoughts on “Why yes, Michael Bloomberg IS an elitist tool”

  1. My dad is from Northern Georgia (Hemptown near Ollie Bruce’s store in Fannin County) and those people of the Appalachian tradition were remarkable in their independence and vitality. I have nothing but fond memories and valuable lessons taken from them, from all of them, and their ghosts haunt me benevolently to this day. I don’t measure up to the standards and philosophy they simply lived by and it is my lifelong ambition to meet a fraction of that goal.
    Cheers y’all.

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