Saturday Links You Should Read

Wirecutter says good riddance to Alexander Vindman

Feral Irishman tells us what set Pelosi off

The Lid notes that Nicole Wallace is a Fraud

Political Clown Parade notes that Biden is fading

The Right Way has lots of links

Theo Spark reminds us that Bernie is a Dirty Commie Pig

Speaking of filthy Commies, The Other McCain notes that the

Sonoran Conservative sums up today’s Democratic Party

Proof Positive has LINKS and MORE LINKS!

Pirates Cove notes that climate change is going to destroy OREOS!

Pacific Pundit notes that Crazy Legs Matthews is not feeling the Bern

Moonbattery notes that we are all criminals now

Mike McDaniel looks at guns, and liberty\

Free North Carolina notes that the left is smearing the the first American heroes

The notorious EBL is linking too

Diogenes notes that food safety is now RAAAAAACIST

Bob Belvedere looks at the stinking mass of despicability that Leftism is

Bookworm looks at AOC’s idiocy

Blazing Cat Fur on the Religion of, well, you know

Bearing Arms notes that Virginia Democrats really do not care about violent crime

Animal looks at “divestment” 

Fritz looks at SHAMpeachment

90 Miles: Oh Bernie, you damned old fool

Zendo Deb loves self-defense!

Finally, the 19th Ward has the Creepily Creepy Creeps

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