FINALLY! Punctuality is, wait for it………..


The pathologies of the left are now apparently hellbent on radicalizing just about everything. And will seemingly perform any contortion to that end. From Tulane University, the very heart of White Devil Babylon – uptown New Orleans – student Shahamat Uddin (pronouns “he, him, his”) howls in protest:

“Punctuality centers whiteness. It is far easier for white men to get to work on time than Black people who are having to change their hair to fit the workplace’s professionalism stand Freaking Grief!!ards.”

Good Freaking Grief! Where do these buffoons come up wit these inane ideas? There is, of course, nothing about being on time that is racist. Frankly, punctuality is becoming a lost standard among many people, of all races. But apparently race is now a cover all excuse. The fact is employers all have rules about appearance, tardiness, conduct, and so on. Many of them are, to me stupid, but, if you want a paycheck… Many of them are enforced inconsistently, and usually race has nothing to do with that. Allow me an example Worked as a bartender for several years at a nice, casual Mexican restaurant. The staff, except for kitchen people, had to wear black slacks, long sleeve black dress shirts, and no one was supposed to roll up their sleeves. 

The waitresses, and female bartenders started wearing yoga pants, or similar type pants, and the management cracked down on that. OK fine. But, one server, who was Ethiopian, and gorgeous, continued to wear yoga pants, and management said nada. Now, she was a great server, but, no doubt because of her looks, was allowed to flout the rules. Did she have Black privilege? Ethiopian privilege? Maybe she enjoyed incredible booty privilege. Other workers there flouted other rules, for many reasons. Everyone one of us enjoyed some type of privilege. Me? I would roll up my sleeves. Mainly because washing glasses through a shift does not work well with wearing long sleeves. The rule was idiotic, and I broke it. My privilege? Being the fastest bartender, and also working shifts no one else wanted to work. Privilege? YEP! 

It is how the world is, and how it will always be. That is realism, not racism. And the fact is whining like a little bitch, and pretending to be a victim like Mr. Uddin does, is not going to help him. Pretending he is beset by RAAAAACISM, is not going to help him either. The fact is he is trying to gain privilege by making himself an entitled pain in the ass to everyone. He wants to be special, not by earning it or excelling at work, but by being a distraction, and an activist for some fake “social justice”.

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