Another American saves their butt with a legally owned firearm. Wannabe Dictator trying to buy relevance hardest hit

Michael Bloomberg hates it when people make choices he does not like. Especially the right to arm themselves. Bloomberg has said we just cannot allow average Americans to have guns. Yet, average Americans, million and millions of them carry guns daily and commit no crimes, or mass shootings. These people do not cause chaos, or draw their weapons and start randomly shooting. Many times, however, 

A Cape Coral, Florida driver for the rideshare company Lyft used his legally owned and carried firearm to defend himself when a passenger pulled a knife and began threatening him. According to WINK-TV, the driver didn’t have to pull the trigger, but the fact that he had his gun may have saved his life.

While the Lyft driver was driving around 1:10 a.m., the passenger retrieved a small, black knife and began dictating where to drive. According to the Cape Coral Police Dept. arrest report, at the intersection of Chiquita Blvd and El Dorado Pkwy, Mormon banged the dashboard with the knife while waving it in a “threatening manner.”

The driver told Mormon to exit the vehicle because he was in fear for his life. When Mormon did not listen, the victim pulled out a firearm and told Mormon once again to exit the vehicle. The arrest report states that Mormon complied and the victim left the scene.

Cam Edwards has more on this at Bearing Arms, and notes how Nanny Bloomberg would have disarmed this man. He would also have disarmed the man who saved many lives by killing a mass shooter in that Texas church. To Bloomberg, and let this be clear, Bloomberg loathes natural rights, and if given the power, would erase the right to self-defense. To him, disarmed victims are preferable to armed citizens defending themselves.

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