2 thoughts on “Monday Pics”

  1. That brings back memories. I used to own a taxi company in Naples, but I started out driving for other companies. One night I picked up two hysterical English girls, who said a local crazy who they were sure was a dealer or something was chasing them.

    Sure enough this guy came after me in a lifted 4×4, and I took off in a high speed reverse maneuver, pulled a reverse bootleg and started threading my way through traffic down Airport-Pulling road. (I had a 93 Caprice, ex-ATF car that still had the cop cams.)

    It didn’t end in gunfire though. I easily pulled away, found a cop sitting by the road, screeched to a stop, jumped out and pointed at the truck as it sped past, saying “see that truck, they are chasing my fare!” Then I told the cop my car number and told him I would contact them after I got my passengers to their hotel as they sped off after the truck.

    When I got back in the gals were pretty relieved and they started joking about how they see American car chases on TV but never thought they’d actually be in one! I told them it was cool, despite the fact that I had once taken a high speed defensive maneuvering course for kicks, I had never actually been in a chase before myself.

    I bet they tell that story to any one coming to America to this day!

    1. By the way, I apparently clicked the wrong reply button, the solid line above the reply button was confusing…

      This reply was supposed to be under the self-defense story of the day, in case you are all scratching your craniums wondering what this story has to do with these particular set of photos……

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