Don Lemon failed journalist, Rick Wilson, failed strategist, and douche bag no one has ever heard of, Wajahat Ali mock intelligence of Trump voters

These asshats sound like what they are, wannabe elitists

All class these buffoons are. I love when fools try to mock others as stupid I guess Lemon thinks smearing 63 million Americans as stupid counts as journalism. Then there is Rick Wilson who is famous for being angry and as awful an excuse for a Republican as there is. He mocks people with Southern accents as morons. Of course, little bitch Rick, who, by the way looks like that guy you would not trust with your dog or child, would never dare say that within earshot of a Southerner would he. Of course not, he would be taking his teeth home in a bag. Ali looks like the really uncool kid trying to fit in by joining the bullies in this clip. Just one of three bigots making genuine asses of themselves while pretending they are “tolerant”!

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