A hint for leftists. If you are gonna lie for a living………

At least be able to tell a lie that is challenging to debunk. 

David Chipman, a spokesman for the Gabbie Giffords Gun Grabbers, tells some whoppers

As a former Special Agent at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) who spent a good part of my career busting gun traffickers in Virginia, I understand how illegal guns can tear apart communities. I’m also a proud gun owner who has sometimes been mischaracterized as a gun grabber, first in my career in service to my country and now as an advocate for gun safety.

Well, good for Chipman if he busted people illegally trafficked guns. I believe we can all honor such service. But, lying about those opposed to useless, unconstitutional gun laws, and attempting to smear good Americans who are simply exercising their rights is despicable.

This November I was proud to join millions of other voters who made gun violence prevention the defining issue of the 2019 elections. It was a turning point for the Commonwealth. But this move towards gun safety also angered some fringe groups and activists and led them to embrace conspiracy theories and intimidation tactics that remind me of threats I heard while at ATF.

So, 22,000 protesters that assembled in Richmond last week are “fringe” who are “intimidating” others? Does Chipman expect any sane person will not see this a a lie?

These bullies are egged on by a dangerous new phenomenon that recently came to Old Dominion. In response to a clear voter mandate for Virginia’s new legislature to pass gun safety laws, a wave of local governments in Virginia have declared that they are “Second Amendment sanctuary” or “constitutional” counties. These pledges from local officials to blatantly ignore gun safety laws are fueling wild falsehoods about government overreach, while also putting Virginians at risk from the very gun violence lawmakers have sworn to prevent.

Renegade sheriffs and local officials are claiming that these sanctuary designations allow them to block regulations that violate gun owners’ freedoms. But the Second Amendment envisions firearms as being “well regulated,” and individual sheriffs aren’t entitled to decide whether a particular regulation is constitutional — that’s the job of the courts.

Bullies? I suppose stand up for your rights is now bullying. Chipman must think our Founders were bullies too.

Clearly, Chipman has not read the laws proposed by Democrats. They would, among other things, ban most sporting rifles like AR-15 for having collapsible stocks, or pistol grips. It would ban magazines, for all weapons which hold more than ten rounds. Ammunition which does not contain lead would also be banned. Another would ban certain gun ranges. Yet another would grossly intrude upon parental rights Are these reasonable laws? They would also force gun owners to register these weapons or else! How about the additional taxes on ammo and weapons? Reasonable? The Founders would say so, and so do tens of thousands of Virginians. Mr. Chipman, clearly, does not agree. And, sadly, he has never actually read our second amendment, or he is simply lying about what it says. Observe this line from above

But the Second Amendment envisions firearms as being “well regulated

Does it now? Let us read it

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

So, it does not, in fact say, anywhere, that firearms should be well regulated. It also CLEARLY mentions a militia, and, separately the right of the people, to keep and bear arms. Why would Chipman lie? Oh yes, I forgot, he works for the Gifford Gang of Gun Grabbers, so, that one is pretty clear to see. Chipman simply does not grasp the concept of natural rights, and, thusly, looks down his nose at those that do. He favors more useless laws that do nothing to stop violent crimes. Instead, they target the 22,000 law abiding people and the thousands of others like them who are peaceful.

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