Secession you say?

In 1861, Lincoln ordered states that had not seceded to raise troops to force the seceded states, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and Alabama back into the union. That caused four more states, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia to secede. After Virginia, made its decision the northwestern section of the state chose to secede from Virginia, and, West Virginia was born. Now, West Virginia, in response to Virginia Democrats trampling of natural rights, is reaching out to areas of Virginia that would like to remain free. Animal looks into this. Secession Two!

The dust-up over gun control in Virginia has several counties looking to leave Virginia and join the decidedly more Second Amendment-friendly West Virginia.  Excerpt:

West Virginia lawmakers are scrambling to let rural Virginia counties join the Mountain State amid conservative voter anger with the new Democratic majority in Richmond and its push for gun control and other liberal initiatives.

In a building fight that echoes the Civil War-era split of the Old Dominion that created West Virginia in 1863, 40 of 100 West Virginia House delegates have signed on to legislation that would accept revolting Virginia counties and towns.

The effort began after the November elections when urban and suburban voters put the Virginia General Assembly into Democratic hands. Many of those Democrats ran on a platform of restricting and banning guns.

“We’re starting to get some phone calls from friends on the border who say these folks want to leave,” said West Virginia Del. Gary Howell.

Howell, a Republican, told Secrets that what started off as a long-shot effort “has turned into a real thing.”

He said that Virginia lawmakers and officials along the West Virginia border have cited the Democratic drive for gun control and desire to shift spending to the urban areas near Washington as reasons to leave for West Virginia.

I doubt it will ever happen, but, there is no doubt in my mind that such a move would be constitutional and just if the people chose that course of action. I am sure the left would lose their minds over it because the left loathes all natural rights. Go read the whole thing, and Animal’s thoughts. 

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