NY Times columnist tries to understand Virginia gun right rally…. Utter failure ensues

Racial Obsession Syndrome strikes again

RICHMOND, Va. — Around 22,000 people came here on Monday to protest potential new restrictions on guns under consideration by the new Democratic majority in the General Assembly. Most of the protesters were outside the grounds of the State Capitol, and most appeared to be carrying weapons: handguns, shotguns, carbines and semiautomatic rifles. There were armed men in camouflage and military-style equipment threatening insurrection if the state’s elected representatives acted contrary to their wishes.

They were threatening insurrection? Oh the drama! And, they dared request that their representatives not trample their rights and instead obey the Virginia constitution as well as the US constitution? That IS the job of representatives is it not?

Walking through the crowds, I saw Gadsden flags emblazoned with “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Come and Take It” banners alongside “Blue Lives Matter” patches sewn into vests and T-shirts with oft-used quotations like Thomas Jefferson’s famous claim that “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

The rhetoric may have been violent, but the overall event was calm — a “peaceful protest,” Brian Moran, the Virginia secretary of public safety, told The Washington Post. A model of democratic assembly.

Yes, imagine the shock of 22,000 gun rights advocates protesting, many while armed, LEGALLY armed, and not acting in any manner that could even be called violent? An open-minded person might ponder if the media narratives about the “dangerous” gun owners might be wrong.  But, open-minded is the opposite of woke! So, even when Americans defend their natural rights to be armed in a definitively non-violent fashion, they are still violent!

But that “peace” can’t be separated from intimidation ; progressive groups urged members not to go to the Capitol to avoid violent confrontation with extremists. There were no counterprotests or rival demonstrations. The Second Amendment had effectively limited the First.

See! There was no actual violence because the left was “afraid”. Afraid of non-violent Americans peacefully protesting? Oh yes, of course, those protesters were actually crushing the first amendment according to the woke folks like Bouie who, sees only RACISM!!

In Virginia and many of the 30 other states that allow open carry, Americans have a right to mass, armed protest. But that right, and the right to bear arms in general, is informed by the settler history of the American nation and structured by hierarchies of race and gender, despite our collective pretense to universalism. Or put another way, every American has a right to gun ownership, but the paradigmatic gun owner is still a white man.

Please go read the rest, and behold the leftist spin which, of course focuses o RACISM! America is RACIST! Gun ownership is RACIST! and so on. 

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