Virginia Democrats prefer turning lawful gun owners into felons over punishing thugs who use guns to commit crimes

Ah, leftist priorities

Via Bearing Arms

While Virginia Democrats are merrily approving gun control laws aimed at the state’s legal gun owners, they apparently aren’t interested in focusing on violent criminals who use firearms in the commission of a crime.

HB 1175 would have increased the penalty for using or brandishing a firearm while committing certain felonies, which seems like a pretty common sense bill to me. Instead, members of the House Public Safety Committee rejected the measure on Tuesday, while approving a number of gun bills that are meant to restrict the rights of legal gun owners in the name of public safety.

Cam Edwards points out just how skewed the Democrats priorities really are

So they’re okay with making it a felony to continue to possess your 15-round magazine or to transfer a firearm without a background check, but the status quo is fine when it comes to punishing those who use guns in the commission of a crime. Think about that for a second. Ralph Northam, who believes himself to be a champion of criminal justice reform, would turn the vast majority of Virginia gun owners into felons with HB 961 while maintaining the current penalties for actually using a gun in a violent crime. The reform that Northam wants to enact would simply replace the war on drugs with a war on legal gun owners.

Northam would create criminals out of law-abiding Virginians, instead of ensuring that violent criminals stay behind bars for a significant period of time for their crimes, and the public safety

Again, we see what is really important to the left

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