Remember truth is not a leftist value

Which is why leftists, like those who belong to what I call the Cult of Gun Control can lie so easily

Magpul donated 1,000 30-round PMags for the NRA to give out to those who attended the January 13th NRA rally at the Virginia State Capitol. Duane Liptak, Magpul’s Executive VP, is a member of the NRA Board of Directors. Bear in mind that a magazine ban is one of the agenda items for anti-gun Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly. A magazine ban, I should add, that has no grandfathering.

Giving out 30-round PMags was reminiscent of what Magpul did for rallies in Vermont in 2018 and in Colorado in 2013. In other words it was nothing new. Nonetheless, the gun prohibitionists at the Cult of Personality known as Giffords have their panties in a wad over this.

The goal of the left is, of course, to ultimately disarm Americans. It is their most treasured dream. After all, a disarmed society is all the easier to control. So, would any reasonable person ever think groups like the Gafford Gang would not lie to further their cause?

Gun rights advocates from around the country are urging armed protesters to descend on Virginia’s capital before the General Assembly’s first legislative session of 2020 to stop Democrats from passing gun-control bills.

The NRA is even getting involved by offering to hand out 30 round magazines to protesters for free if they show up.

A 30 round magazine was used to shoot this organization’s co-founder, Gabby Giffords, kill six people and injure 12 others in Tucson.

 Actually, no, as John Richardson points out

In Ms. Giffords’ case, the murderer in Tucson had a Glock pistol as his weapon of choice. He did have a Glock 18 knock-off magazine that jammed when he was reloading allowing heroic bystanders to end his rampage.

The killer bought it legally after passing a FBI NICS check. That he was able to pass such a check despite evidence of mental issues was due to the failure of school authorities to report his behavior and due to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department ignoring his actions. The latter was due to a friendly relationship between the killer’s mother and Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

Actually, the Gafford Gun Grabbers likely know their claim is patently false, but, they do not care. They believe their claim can frighten folks into supporting “common sense” gun laws. They also believe their lie can paint those who are opposed to the liberty trampling laws being pushed down the throats of law abiding Virginians as dangerous radicals. And, yes, they know the media will never challenge them or point out their falsehoods. So, they lie, and lie, was, rinse, repeat

2 thoughts on “Remember truth is not a leftist value”

  1. I believe that the extended magazine is one of the things someone was able to grab onto during the struggle and helped to end the shooting. Nothing like a handle on a pistol to give someone else leverage to wrestle it away. Sounds like the Gifford’s should actually be praising extended magazines.

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