How to destroy a false narrative before it begins

Consider this from a “gun-rights” group in Ohio

If there can be gun sanctuaries, there can be anti-gun sanctuaries.

That’s why Second Amendment Sanctuaries in Ohio have garnered an unlikely opponent: gun-rights groups.

“These people that are pushing this stuff might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,” said Chris Dorr, executive director of Ohio Gun Owners, in his podcast that posted Monday evening. 

Interesting take, until you think about it. The sanctuary cities/counties in Virginia where I reside, are taking a stand that is supported by both the United States and Virginia constitutions (as an aside most state constitutions have similar language in their constitutions). In short these resolutions defend the right to keep and bear arms. Cities or counties that passed resolutions seeking to disrupt, or weaken the right to keep and bear arms. Big difference there. The 2A sanctuary movement here and in other states seek to dissuade and block politicians who despise the natural right to keep and bear arm and the constitutions that enshrine those rights. Anti 2A sanctuaries would seek to erase those God-given liberties. 

Class dismissed

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