Why do politicians ignore big issues, and focus on made up problems?

They prefer social engineering to actually tackling big issues. Fritz gives the latest example

Eight attempts at a Baltimore plastic bag ban have come and gone since 2006. Today, nine times proved to be the charm. This morning, Mayor Jack Young signed the Comprehensive Bag Reduction Bill into law. The signing drew dozens of advocates, city officials, press, and community members together.

In Baltimore, plastic bags are everywhere. They fly down our streets, get caught in trees, clog our storm drains and streams, and choke out plants and animals. They cause even more problems worldwide. That’s why Blue Water Baltimore championed this bill.

Well, this is certainly the most important action they could take I mean what is more  crucial than banning bags? Fritz notes a few things that Baltimore might tackle before bags

Meanwhile, no sign that the murder epidemic in Baltimore is abating 12 shot, five dead, in single day of shootings in Baltimore, and overdose deaths remain “staggeringly high” and continue to rise, not to mention, SEX AND YOUR CITY STD map ranks Baltimore as worst US city for sexually transmitted diseases

But what do we expect from politicians, especially in a “woke” city like Baltimore? If these idiots ran the fire department they would respond to a house on fire by mowing the lawn while the home burned.

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