Virginia Democrats pass useless rule to fix problem that does not exist

Stuck on Stoopit!

For years, Virginians have been able to carry firearms at the state Capitol  in Richmond. So, in a bold move fraught with foolishness, the Democratic controlled legislature, has now banned such sinful acts

One wonders how Democrats in the Virginia legislature ever go to restaurants or movie theaters or grocery stores. Nine percent of Virginians have concealed handgun permits, and it is very likely that when they are out in public someone next to them is carrying a concealed handgun.

But as Democrats voted along straight party lines on Friday to ban people from carrying concealed handguns at the state Capitol, they worry, despite all evidence to the contrary, that there is a real danger to letting people continue carrying guns. This vote foreshadows Democrats’ opposition to allowing people to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Of course, I am sure Virginia House Speaker would channel her inner statist and tell is this is for our own good, right Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn?

While Democrat House Speaker House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn can’t point any problems in their state Capitol, she claims that this ban is necessary “to keep everybody safe.”

See, told y’all she has our best interests at heart, and has taken bold action to fix a problem that, not only does not exist in Virginia’s capitol, but any other state capitol either!

But it isn’t just that there hasn’t been a problem in Virginia where people have been able to carry for decades. There hasn’t been a problem in the other 22 states that allow legislators and/or civilians to carry guns on Capitol grounds.

Well, if you want to follow reason, I guess this is nothing but a band-aid on a cut that isn’t there. But, of course what Democrat would follow reason when they can pretend they are trying to “keep us safe”. Take Virginia Del. Dan Helmer who wants to ban gun ranges, yes, really.

Del. Dan Helmer, who represents parts of Prince William County, has introduced a bill to ban indoor gun ranges in buildings where more than 50 people work, a move that would likely affect the indoor gun range at National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax.

“Yes, this plan would affect the NRA, we also think it will save lives,” Helmer, D-40th, said about the bill in an email Tuesday.

Good grief the absurdity is dripping off of this foolish man. But, he digs deeper into the Pit of Foolishness

Helmer, a West Point grad and U.S. Army veteran elected in 2019, said his bill, HB567, is aimed at keeping Virginia workplaces safe in the wake of numerous workplace mass shootings throughout the country, including a mass shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal building in May 2019 that killed 12.

“This bill would make sure that we don’t have people bringing large quantities of firearms and ammunition into office builldings,”

The Virginia Beach shooting, of course occurred in a gun-free zone. But maybe Helmer thinks making gun-free zones, where the vast majority of mass shootings happen, will “save lives”. Being foolish does not make you a fool. Refusing to, at some point, grasp your foolishness and learn makes you a fool. Sadly, Virginia Democrats are on the road to being fools.


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