Virginia Democrats continue to piss on Mason, Madison, Washington, Jefferson, Henry and the right of self-defense

Then they came for your ARs, “high capacity” magazines, ammunition, gun ranges!

Del. Dan Helmer, who represents parts of Prince William County, has introduced a bill to ban indoor gun ranges in buildings where more than 50 people work, a move that would likely affect the indoor gun range at National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax.

“Yes, this plan would affect the NRA, we also think it will save lives,” Helmer, D-40th, said about the bill in an email Tuesday.

Could he say anything less connected to reality? When was the last time a gun range? How will this bill stop any evil person intent on shooting up a gun range. Again I ask everyone when that has happened, ever. But, Del. Helmer does not care about reality or common sense. That is predictable frankly, leftists live in alternative realities. What really disappoints is that Helmer attended West Point, and, seemingly learned nothing!

Helmer, a West Point grad and U.S. Army veteran elected in 2019, said his bill, HB567, is aimed at keeping Virginia workplaces safe in the wake of numerous workplace mass shootings throughout the country, including a mass shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal building in May 2019 that killed 12.

“This bill would make sure that we don’t have people bringing large quantities of firearms and ammunition into office builldings,” said Helmer aide Noah Bardash. “This bill would likely impact the NRA’s indoor range.”

Ah, that workplace was a GUN FREE ZONE! Maybe this bill would make these workplaces doubly gun free? 

One more question, why does this bill target ONLY privately owned ranges?

The bill would not prohibit indoor shooting ranges in buildings owned or leased by the state or federal government or at ranges where at least 90% of the users are law-enforcement officers.

Also note this nugget of privacy invasion in Helmer’s bill

The bill would also require indoor shooting ranges to keep a log of each user’s name, phone number, address and the law-enforcement agency where users are employed. It would also require all indoor gun range users to present a government-issued photo-identification card upon entry.

Things that make you go HMMMMMM

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