Noted dictatorial midget visits state he is trying to dictate to

Little Michael Bloomberg was here yesterday, telling gun owners to give their freedom away

Former New York mayor and gun control sugar daddy Michael Bloomberg was in Richmond, Virginia as the state legislative session kicked off on Wednesday. Bloomberg, who spent millions in the state backing anti-gun candidates in the 2019 elections, used his time in the Old Dominion to scold gun owners for the Second Amendment Sanctuary push in the state, and to urge them to urge them to turn in their guns to local police.

How about fuck you Bloomberg? Bloomberg basically tried to buy Virginia elections, and now, he is basking in his success. But he is sad because he knows most folks here simply are not into their rifles up

“It’s probably impossible to get all of those back. One can only hope that when people see the damage they can cause, and the danger of having them in their houses, they’ll decide to just take them to the local police station and say, ‘Please, get rid of this,’” Bloomberg said.

So, guns, in this case AR-15s are dangerous in your home? Millions and millions of Americans own them, and no harm befalls them, or their community. But, Bloomberg still wants to take them away, even though he still insists he is not pursuing that goal

“Nobody’s trying to take away anybody’s handguns … or rifles or shotguns,” Bloomberg said. “What we’re trying to do is have sensible gun regulations.”

And if you believe that………… Cam Edwards lays out the truth about what the types of laws Nanny Bloomberg is pushing will do to lawful gun owners

Bloomberg and the anti-gun lawmakers he funded are absolutely trying to take away people’s handguns, rifles, and shotguns (at least those that meet Northam’s definition of “assault firearms”) if they don’t register them with the state of Virginia. They’re demanding people get rid of their legally owned ammunition magazines and suppressors. They’re also trying to take away the right to purchase these items in the future. Is it really a right if I’m “allowed” to keep my AR-15, but someone who wants to buy that exact same rifle in August of this year will be told it’s illegal for them to do so? Of course not. They’re turning the right to keep and bear arms into a privilege.

Please go read the rest folks, this fight is so very crucial.

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