Damn Porkaphobes!

On this edition of if that is the worst thing that ever happen to you……………..

A Muslim man has hit out at McDonald’s after he was given a sausage McMuffin instead of his meat-free order.

Fida Hussain from Small Heath, Birmingham, claims tasting the pork roll has left him ‘devastated’ after avoiding the meat his whole life in line with his faith.

The 49-year-old is now demanding an apology and compensation from the fast-food giant after he was forced to spit out the meat.

Tissues please. Think this guy is looking for a pay day? After all, victimhood is a booming business today

4 thoughts on “Damn Porkaphobes!”

  1. I think it’s funny that he calls for racial profiling.

    ‘I am a practising Muslim with a nice, long beard and proud of it so they knew.

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