Again, allow me to note that some people should be drug behind a truck

Take this evil waste of skin for example

 There is another troubling animal abuse case of Floyd County.

We first reported on twenty horses deliberately shot and killed.

Now comes this, Kentucky State Police say 38-year-old Jonathan D. Watkins is accused of killing his neighbor’s dogs and ‘skinning’ them.

We must warn you the details are graphic.

It was December 23rd when state troopers responded to a complaint in the David community of Floyd County.

The caller told them his neighbor, Jonathan Watkins, had killed his two dogs, skinned them, and had the skins and carcasses hanging off his front porch.

OK, let me amend my preferred punishment for this freak show. He should be beset by rabid dogs, and then by an angry mother bear, THEN, get the truck!

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