Noted Totalitarian Starter Kit: We cannot let average Americans have firearms

Michael Bloomberg is the polar opposite of our Founders. The Founders formed a nation based on natural rights. Bloomberg would dictate every “right” we have, when we might exercise it, and when it might be stricken. Here is the latest example

Gun control sugar daddy and Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg was asked on Thursday about the shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, and took the opportunity to blast the crazy idea that the “average” American has the right to bear arms for self defense.

What an arrogant little man. Bloomberg detests liberty, and, basically says in this clip that he would have had the man who stopped a mass shooter disarmed and thus unable to save lives. Allow that to sink in. More innocent people would be dead today, and Mayor Nanny would be OK with it. Bloomberg is, like all Leftists, evil. 

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