Ever notice how the left has problems being consistent?

I call this phenomenon Consistent Inconsistenitis. In short it means that the left is only consistent at being inconsistent. This is easy for them given that truth is not a left wing value. Morals, truth, data, whatever can be twisted and turned as long as it suits the left and fits their narratives. The Other McCain notes a recent example

More anti-Semitic violence in Brooklyn:

Two women yelled “F*** you Jew” and “I will kill you Jews” at a Hasidic man in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and shoved him to the ground when he tried to film their anti-Semitic tirade, law enforcement sources and witnesses told CBS12.
The 22 year-old victim was approached by a 24- and 34-year-old female at the intersection of Broadway and Lorimer Street, the New York City Police Department told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.
The 24 year-old grabbed the victim’s cell phone and punched him in his throat and the 34 year-old made anti-Semitic remarks, according to the NYPD.
There has been a dramatic increase in the number of violent attacks against Hasidic Jews in the New York area in recent months, including a machete attack in Monsey that left 5 injured.
On Monday evening, according to local reports, two men — one flashing a knife — threatened a Jewish teen in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn.
The two men yelled “Hey Jew boy” at the teen as one pulled out the knife, the New York Post reported.
There are two synagogues located within a block of where the incident occurred, according to the report.

The problem for the left is who is committing these horrific anti-Semitic attacks

The fact that black people are responsible for this “dramatic increase” cannot be denied, but as Ace of Spades points out, the media keep trying to blame Trump for these crimes committed in Democrat-controlled cities by people who certainly don’t seem like MAGA-hat types.

Consider this “argument” by Jay Michaelson at The Daily Beast:

New York is reeling from a wave of anti-Semitic attacks, and speaking as a Jewish parent who lives in Brooklyn, I can tell you that it’s terrifying.
It is also confusing. The vast majority of anti-Semitic attacks in this country are carried out by right-wing white supremacists. But most of the recent New York-area attacks have been carried out by people of color expressing very different grievances, or none at all. So is this the same phenomenon, or a different one? Hate, yes, but what kind of hate?
The answer is not simple. The recent street violence and acts of terror are based, in part, on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories similar to those on the Right. And yet, it is dangerous and misleading to see this as the same phenomenon, because the social contexts, the dynamics of race, and the relationships to power are all quite different. . . .

Oh no, another liberal who is suffering from another disease that leftists suffer from. Racial Obsession Syndrome (ROS)! EVERYTHING must be about race, and blaming Trump of course! Please go read the whole piece. The Other McCain is a great blog

2 thoughts on “Ever notice how the left has problems being consistent?”

  1. The left is NOT inconsistent (from a certain point of view). Their beliefs are dogma to them, reality has no bearing on this. Chief among them is that anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest is wrong.

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