2019, a look back with Rika Ishikawa

Reflections for the year just passed, looks ahead of what 2020 might bring, all presented by a beautiful Japanese model? OH YES!


The Lid has a look at KRAZY in 2019

Weasel Zippers ponders just how awful CNN’s New Years Eve show is

Victory Girls looks at the future of pet peeves

View From Lady Lake has laughs, and babes

Zendo Deb reviews math in 2019, MATH?


90 Miles From Tyranny has a poll that will give leftists worse hangovers

A View From the Beach predicts more RUSSIAGATE in 2020

Animal gifts us a bag of mixed stuff

Tom Knighton looks at two approaches church security, guess which one actually works

Blazing Cat Fur gives us a countdown of college snowflakes insanity


Bookworm wants apologies from miscreants

Daniel Greenfield reminds us just how much the Dingell legacy sucks

Diogenes has some New Years music

Theo Spark has toons!

Smitty, at The Other McCain, has wishes for the new decade


Stilton looks back at Benghazi

The Sonoran Conservative has a fun fact

Red Pill Jew has some thoughtsfor the new year

Never EVER forget Proof Positive

And remember Political Clown Parade as well


Pirates Cove predicts more predictions of CATASTROPHIC CLIMATE CATASTROPHES

Pacific Pundit looks at how Trump handled the Iraq embassy attacks

Apparently Evil Blogger Lady is pulling for the Badgers today

First Street Journal remembers past predictions of climate doom!

Free North  Carolina predicts more PC insanity

rika-ishikawa-6 (1)

Legal Insurrection notes even CNN is not buying Chucky Schumers BS

Mike McDaniel looks back at his best from 2019

Moonbattery recalls a decade of absurdity

Neo NeoCon looks at the future of AOC

Newsbusters notes that Don Lemon’s New Year resolution is to be a bigger asshat

rika-ishikawa-1 (1)

The Feral Irishman says Happy New Year!

Wirecutter notes more childish anti-gun narratives

Warner Todd Houston has a very cool memory

Noisy Room has yet another thing Trumps gets and the left does not

That is it! HAPPY NEW YEAR


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