Once more the left pretends criminals obey laws

Stuck on stupid anyone?

St. Louis recently reclassified parks as child care facilities in an effort to ban guns there. It’s an effort to get around the state’s preemption law, and one that I seriously doubt will survive a legal challenge, but also a measure that’s not likely to have much of an impact on the criminals who are causing the problems.

Despite that, it seems some want Kansas City to pass a similar measure.

With state lawmakers throwing up roadblocks, both Kansas City and St. Louis leaders have been forced to get creative in their attempts to reduce the gun violence that has plagued Missouri’s largest metro areas.

In this anything-goes gun-rights state, cities have little wiggle room to enact even the most modest restrictions on firearms.

But Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has managed to pass ordinances that prohibit domestic abusers and minors from possessing guns.

Now, St. Louis has taken action to keep guns out of city parks. The St. Louis Board of Aldermen recently approved an ordinance that classifies the city’s parks as child care facilities, which state law mandates are gun-free zones.

Sooo, pass more laws for people that already break laws? Yes, minors talking a gun anywhere is breaking the law. Domestic abusers? Think those losers will follow such laws? Alas, this is how the left “thinks”

4 thoughts on “Once more the left pretends criminals obey laws”

  1. Yes another law for the hood rats that are the problem to ignore. Almost as stupid and fruitless as a church in St. Louis sponsoring a 40 day fast against gun violence. Those souls in church AREN’T the problem and have ZERO influence on on the urban gun violence.

    1. Wing – you are spot on about the futility of passing even more laws that ONLY Law Abiding Citizens will obey Why one would think that the hoplophobes don’t care that the criminals will STILL be criminals.
      BTW – I’ll point out for the gazzilioneth time that There Is No Such Thing As ‘gun violence’. (not directed to you – just pointing out that people are violent, guns are tools with no will of their own.

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