Smoking hot singer posed some “racist” remarks when she was 14? She was 14, move on!


Oh Camila Cabello wrote some childish things at 14. And some Social Justice Warrior dug them up and, voila, OUTRAGEOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS OUTRAGE!


The 22-year-old singer posted a lengthy statement to Twitter on Wednesday night saying how “deeply sorry” and “ashamed” she was of her early Tumblr blogging days after her old profile resurfaced overnight.

“I would never intentionally hurt anyone and I regret it from the bottom of my heart,” Cabello wrote.


OK, she apologized, over statements she made at 14, FOURTEEN! What person living today would pass the purity test the cancel culture wants to subject us all to. No one! We, as a society, need to stop this insidious campaign that is a grave threat to freedom of speech.


My advice to everyone who finds themselves attacked over thing they said as a teen, or some comedy sketch, or joke they told, or that they laughed at, or that triggered some malcontent who gets off on being offended, is this STOP APOLOGIZING! And, Cabello might have more issues once the Cult of Gun Control sees these photos…………..


3 thoughts on “Smoking hot singer posed some “racist” remarks when she was 14? She was 14, move on!”

  1. The simple fact that some libtard is offended makes her ok in my book. She shouldn’t have apologized but instead told them to pound sand.

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