Latest worst thing ever? Charity!

The left exposes its collectivist beliefs once more. You, or me, choosing to give a donation to help the needy is an individual act, a choice. Collectivists, like the nutty speaker referenced at Campus Reform, cannot tolerate such an act. Charity must be forced, by the state, to be meaningful to this evil man.

A guest lecturer at Harvard University told students that philanthropy is inherently problematic, calling generosity the “wingman of systems of injustice.”

Anand Giridharadas, author of Winner Takes All: The Elite Charade of Changing the Worldspoke at the Harvard Institute of Politics in November. Giridharadas began his speech by noting that the venue, named for John F. Kennedy Jr. “may be the only space at Harvard not named after a random rich guy who gave a lot of money,” and joking that it would soon be named after Jeffrey Epstein.

Almost all the rest of the spaces at Harvard, he lamented, are named after large donors to Harvard. He went on to observe that “hyper-rich” people are always doing “everything they could to change the world,” and asked, “Why is this happening?”

Giridharadas explained that the more an individual or entity is harming the public, the more it will advertise what they are doing to help the community. Harvard, he claims, is enabling this flaw within society by accepting money from countless donors without looking into where the money comes from.

“What if all the generosity is the wingman of systems of injustice?” asked Giridharadas, before going on to explain to the students that the only way the millionaires and billionaires are able to exist is because of the “surplus virtue” created by positive entities like charities and universities. He explains that bad people have a moral “virtue deficit,” which causes them to “make a trade” with entities that hold “surplus virtue” in order to keep their name clean.

Twisted ideology anyone?

2 thoughts on “Latest worst thing ever? Charity!”

  1. Sadly no, not twisted but accepted doctrine. A fresh face on a wrinkled hag, one that has been with us since Eve said “Yeah, but…”. Envy of success and jealousy of possession, both commonly female characteristics, has been leaking into the male conscience since about the time of the female empowerment movement; men who fear women are trying to win their favor by espousing ideals resonant with their insecurity and need for protection. In this example that characteristic is coupled with word salad common to self-styled intellectuals seeking to impress a population in search of a savior. “Save us, oh brilliant philosopher, save us from the evils of independent thought, from the toils of critical thinking, from the destitution brought about by liberty and private property. Don’t let us be consumed by the dark forces of Christian Charity! No!”. It is their version of a liturgy and completely replaces spirituality with a doctrine of disdain and suspicion.
    When you see those people, laugh at them.

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