And, yes Virginia is a beautiful state

So, I now have a new home, in a small town of roughly 600 people nestled in western Prince Edward County, just to the east of Appomattox County. A small home, about half the size of the one I just left, but on 3 acres and surrounded by woods on the one side and the back. Of course Appomattox is where General Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to General U.S. Grant in April of 1865. There is so much history here, and in many other parts of Virginia. The War Between the States, of course, has been a passion of mine since I was nine, so to be here is an incredible opportunity. Then there are the beautiful mountains, which are minutes from my home. Went to Charlottesville yesterday, what a beautiful area that is. I made sure to wear my NRA cap while in the college town, and received not even a sideways look. And I enjoyed the numerous, and great abundance of yoga pants. And there in Monticello home of Thomas Jefferson there. And, within 40 miles or so are the homes of Patrick Henry, the fifth president James Monroe, and the fourth President, and Father of our Constitution, James Madison. It fills me with awe to share this state with such brilliant men as these. These men along with the likes of Franklin, Mason, and so many others built this nation. Virginia is, in many ways where America was birthed.

The land is beautiful. The people are as friendly as I have ever encountered, and taxes here are low, much lower than Texas. All in all, I must say Virginia will be a great place to live. There is, of course, the new Democratic control of the governorship, and the legislature, and their despicable infatuation with gun control. The good news is that the counties around mine have already made themselves gun sanctuaries, and my county is highly likely to join them. This is a heavily red area to say the least. So, my confidence is high that the Democrats will either abandon such unpopular power grabs, or will so grossly overreach that their majority in the legislature will be gone, after January 2021.

So for now that is all I have time for now, moving 1200 miles away is complicated so there is still lots to do to get settled. 



5 thoughts on “And, yes Virginia is a beautiful state”

  1. Congrats – great place and area. I was just there in Oct and loved it. With all the conservatives, I was surprised and saddened to see last election results. Best of luck, and enjoy!

  2. You’ll get settled and all will be fine; the VA legislators will have the population to contend with and I expect a big-time pushback on the nonsense they are stirring around.
    With your move, you and me are in similar regions.

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