Links to go with your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Heat ’em up and eat ’em up!

Animal thinks Ford is screwing the pooch

Zendo Deb asks what media bias

90 Miles asks WTF Chick-fil-A?

Fritz has yet more Russia Obsession Syndrome

American Elephants ponders Nationalism

Suburban Men ponders Outdoor Gals

Knuckledraggin has another AW FU@# Moment

Feral Irishman has some cool car/movie scenes

Barn O Rama has Girls +Latex = Hot

By Other Means has Red Haired Gals

Bob Belvedere wrote a book, go GET IT

Jeff Dunetz has a great piece on Leftist Hate on Campuses

Theo Spark ponder how the GOP is Making Courts Great Again

The Other McCain ponders the left’s hatred of Jesus

Sonoran Conservative has a Frisky Lady

Proof Positive gives us the latest foolish thing Juan Williams has said

Pirates Cove: Left has butt hurt over great Trump economy!

Pacific Pundit looks at how violent college leftists are

Diogenes has a wine suggestion when you are having whiners over

Doug Ross ponders how many Democrats are looking at Trump……..

The Notorious EBL ponders Senator Socialism’s fall

Free North Carolina looks at stupid college kids

Mike McDaniel Oh Marxifornia!

Moonbattery: And the Children Shall Deceive Us


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