What type of loser brings an axe to a gunfight?

According to Bearing Arms, THIS DOUCHE!

Things did not go as planned for a North Carolina man allegedly intent on breaking into a home and robbing the place, starting with the fact that, as far as weapons go, a shotgun’s much better choice than an axe.

A news release from Burlington police says the suspect identified as 29-year-old William Lawrence Cowan tried to enter the house through a back door on Sunday morning, with an ax that belonged to the homeowner.

First off, that’s an extra level of stupid, or perhaps drug-addledness. He apparently saw an axe there and decided “Hey, I wonder if I could use that to break into this home that isn’t mine?” As it turns out, he could not. The homeowner came to the door to see what was going on, and when he realized a guy with an axe was trying to bash his way inside, he quickly retrieved his shotgun.

And, you can likely guess what happened next…………………. Gotta love self-defense

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