Tell me again why we allow a few malcontents to ruin everything?

Again, a handful of whiny moonbats ruin everything, and the worst part? WE allow them too!

Via CBS Boston:

A Durham, New Hampshire celebration scheduled for the beginning of holidays is undergoing some changes this year in an effort to remove religious overtones.

Formerly called the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, the newly named Frost Fest will include the absence of a formal tree lighting. Santa will be at the event but he will not arrive in a town firetruck as he has in the past.

That would be too religious, because of the part in the Bible where Santa arrives at the manger aboard a firetruck to bestow gifts of gold, frankincense, myrrh, and an Xbox upon the Baby Jesus.

Town Councilor Sally Tobias says the changes came about after some controversy last holiday season. “There was another private citizen that came forward and said that he had always had a problem with the Christmas tree, as he called it,” Tobias said.

Maybe everyone who is offended should go to the city and raise Hell? YES, they should

6 thoughts on “Tell me again why we allow a few malcontents to ruin everything?”

  1. I am a Jew who wears a kippa most of the time. I have NO PROBLEM with a CHRISTMAS TREE on city property.

    I get “Merry Christma… oh, sorry, Happy Holidays”. I reply “NO, say Merry Christmas. I know you mean a good thing.”

  2. Whether He’s in a manger in the public square or kept locked up in the public works warehouse, whether John Q Public celebrates him or Jane Q Public replaces Him with a penquin on ice everybody is going to have an encounter with Him some day with no public officials running interference.

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