So, as I become a Virginian, I must ponder the sanity of the Virginia legislators

I am moving, to Virginia, To Prince Edward County. It is , from my oservations, solidly red, as is much of this beautiful state, the more heavily populated Northeastern section though, is blue, and the Democratic Party Party of Cultural Stalinism now holds both state houses and the goevrnors mansion. And, of course, this means a renewed push for re-education and historical cleansing

Democrats in Virginia’s General Assembly are poised to again attempt to remove Confederate monuments after last week saw the party claim a majority in both houses of the state legislature, according to The Associated Press..

“This is about what do we remember? What do we honor? It’s the right to decide what we celebrate,” said Del.-elect Sally Hudson (D), whose district includes Charlottesville, the site of a deadly 2017 white supremacist rally.

Yes, she is correct, but her words belie her true intent. She sees herself, and those who “think correctly” as being perfectly suited to decide what memories and history is acceptable. This does not bode well for any aspect of history does it?

Gov. Ralph Northam (D), who has said the monuments should be in a museum, has suggested he will sign a removal bill if it comes to his desk, according to the AP. “My thoughts are that the localities are in the best position to make those decisions and that’s what I’ll continue to support,” Northam said at a recent news conference.

Ah yes, the “put them in a museum” lie again. Such moves would lead to some social justice warrior seeing these munuments and immediately contracting a severe case of Outrageoulsy Outrageous Outrage! Why no one could possibly visit a museum with those statues could they? So, then the push for the complete destruction of the “unwoke” monuments would be the only possible step to avoid another case of Offendeditis. The left has been pushing this for decades now, and incrementalism has served them well. And, there is little doubt that a complete eradication of anything that holds even the slightest remembrance of Lee, Jacks, Stuart, Davis, or Confederate soldiers would appease these Stalinists. Today, Jefferson Davis, tomorrow Thomas Jefferson. 

Of course, the people of Virginia are all for these statues to go away right? Ah, no!

A new poll shows a majority of Virginia voters want Confederate monuments to remain where they are.

A poll from Quinnipiac University shows 57 percent oppose removing Confederate monuments from government property across the state.

Only 33 percent supported removal with 10 percent undecided.

Nonwhite voters favored leaving the monuments alone 48 percent to 42 percent. Among white voters, 63 percent supported the monuments while 27 percent supported removal.


Isn’t the state government supposed to listen to their constituents? HMMMMMM

4 thoughts on “So, as I become a Virginian, I must ponder the sanity of the Virginia legislators”

  1. I left p.e.c. 10 years ago because it was going blue back then. too many yankee so-called academics, thinking they know better how we should live. I can’t imagine it got better. my current county is about to declare itself a 2a sanctuary, as have several others. there is hope, though slim.

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