Then, then they came for your clothes

I guess we will all be told what to wear, if anything at all, because, CLIMATE DOOM!

If you really cared about ‘climate change’ you’d either stop wearing clothes or just make your own, you know. This comes from the excitable climate cultist mind of Elizabeth Cline, the author of “The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good.”

Wear Clothes? Then You’re Part of the Problem

Climate protests drew millions around the world in September. Many of the Democratic presidential candidates have rolled out ambitious plans to cut carbon while making the economy greener. There’s a sense of momentum to solve our planetary crisis. And yet a leading cause of climate change remains persistently overlooked or trivialized: clothing.

And billions didn’t protest, didn’t care. Anyhow, why were all those protesters who care wearing clothes?

Please, go read it all. This is just the next step in the all-consuming power grab the left seeks. What you eat, what you drive, what you will be allowed to say, read or write, how, and if you will be allowed to defend yourself, what you eat, and yes, what you wear

One thought on “Then, then they came for your clothes”

  1. I predicted it a couple of years ago! Environmentally sustainable clothing! The big question of course is who benefits financially.

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