UF Editorial Board unfit to be called Gators

As I prepare for my beloved Florida Gators annual clash with the Dawgs of Georgia, I am sickened by this load of bilge the UF editorial board recently put out

The editorial board of The Alligator, a student-run newspaper at the University of Florida, published an opinion article warning students against dressing as Indians or donning sombreros for Halloween.

“Halloween should be fun, not problematic,” the piece begins. “Cultural appropriation often rears its ugly head during Halloween, as many people find it cute or funny to dress as racist interpretations of other cultures. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize their costumes are insulting.”

Why yes, you whiny little bastards, Halloween is fun, until narrow minded control freaks like you interject your Stalinist BS. Why not go find an actual problem and work on that?

“If your costume has centuries worth of cultural significance and history behind it, it’s not a costume. It’s an insult,” the editorial board out of UF informs readers. “Don’t put on that ‘Indian princess’ costume that looks like a lame rebrand of Disney’s Pocahontas. Don’t glue a fake moustache to your face and throw on a sombrero to dress as a ‘loco hombre.’”

OK, just stop! Stop the outrageously outraged act! The whole cultural appropriation lie has to stop. This is just another wedge leftists use to embitter people, bash America, and to divide us. Look, I am a Southerner, from a looonnnggg list of Southerners. I have ancestral roots in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. And those ancestors had ancestors, who came mainly from Ireland, and Scotland, so let me offer up MY culture and heritage. If anyone wants to eat BBQ, cornbread, greens, catfish, fried chicken, pole beans, black eyed peas, or pickled watermelon rinds I am loving it! If anyone wants to dress up as a Confederate soldier, I had dozens of great, great, great uncles and great great grandfathers who served in during Mr. Lincoln’s War. So, if anyone wants to don a grey or Butternut uniform they have my blessing. If they want to dress up as a Scotsman or Irishman then God bless them. If they want to partake in some fine Irish or Scotch whiskey, I salute them!

Now, let us Gator fans do something worthwhile, like rooting like hell for the Gators to stomp the Dawgs!

3 thoughts on “UF Editorial Board unfit to be called Gators”

  1. Social Justice is White Supremacy in action. That’s why they call anyone opposed to their agenda White Supremacists. Alinsky.

  2. Cultural appropriation. What a load of shit.
    Ditto on the response and ditto on the ancestry comments as well.
    Cheers to the hot chicks who use Halloween as an excuse to let their inner slut prance!

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