Why don’t murder suspects walking around free bother Beto?

Case #1

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A teen accused of bringing a gun to school is also a suspect in an active homicide investigation, according to court records.

Jordan McGee, 17, was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon after he allegedly took a gun to Langham Creek High School on Friday.

In a court record requesting higher bond, prosecutors say, McGee is a suspect in an active homicide investigation and a documented gang member. His bond was increased from $5,000 to $100,000.

Court records say, on Friday, school staff alerted officers to someone on campus that possibly had a gun. He was in the hallway walking toward the cafeteria.

An officer recognized that person as McGee, a former student

When McGee saw the officer, he took off. He was later arrested in a neighborhood with a pistol. Officers also found what’s described as three white Xanax pills in a plastic bag.

Come on Beto, and other fools calling for useless gun laws, where is your outrage over this? Why in the Hell is no one pointing out the danger of gang members, suspected in a murder case walking around free?

Case #2

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A 29-year-old Houston police officer is out of surgery and walking after being shot by a suspect on Thursday. The surgery lasted five hours, according to Joe Gamaldi.

The dead suspect has been identified as 17-year-old Brandon Bell, confirmed by his family. The mugshot above is from a previous incident earlier in the month, where he allegedly carjacked a campaign worker.

Bell was scheduled to appear in court for the carjacking incident two days before the officer involved shooting happened, according to records.

He was out on PR bond for a criminal trespassing charge related to the same incident.

Police believe Bell is the one responsible for shooting the HPD officer with his own weapon.

Soooo, to be clear, this piece of trash was arrested for carjacking, and was, out on bail? And charged with what, exactly? Oh yes, criminal trespassing What in the Blue Hell is going on with our justice system? And let me say, police chiefs like Art Acevedo are not helping either. All he can see is more gun control

“I don’t want to hear from politicians tomorrow about how much they care about my cop. If they aren’t here to talk to us about solutions, don’t bother showing up at the Houston Police Department,” Acevedo said. “We speak out, and either you do something or don’t show up. We don’t need you here if you’re just going to say universal background checks that help keep guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans of sound mind is not for Texas or this country.”

Well how about NOT releasing car jackers on to the street. 

Of course, as Cam Newton points out, gun laws, excuse me “common sense” gun laws simply do not work

Back in 2013, then-governor John Hickenlooper signed several gun control bills into law, including a ban on magazines over 15-rounds, and a “universal background check” requirement. Six years later, few people have been charged with possessing banned magazines, and background checks haven’t increased either.

One thing that has happened is that crime has gone up across the state, and it’s been a particularly steep increase in the Denver area, and local media are reporting that more children and teens have been shot and killed since January 1, 2018 than in all of 2016, 2016, and 2017 combined.

Prosecutors said 107 teens were charged with gun possession in 2018, compared with 50 in 2015. This year is on pace to equal or surpass last year.

Law enforcement officers, community members and health officials point to a variety of possible reasons for the increase in gun violence against young people. They include changing gang structures, easy access to firearms, violent video games, socioeconomic inequality, hopelessness and an online culture that glorifies gun possession.

Of course, the usual leftist talking points are still being thrown around. Video games, “easy access” to guns, you name it, anything but tougher sentencing guidelines or targeting gangs, or anything else that targets the CRIMINALS who commit violent crimes. It is almost as if stopping violent people is not the real objective here doesn’t it? 

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