Here is a thought on mass shootings that the “do something” crowd never talk about

I am puzzled that no one, it seems, is talking about preventing mass shootings by locking away violent felons for very long times. No early release, no parole, no sympathetic judges, and no allowing violent criminals to “plead down” for crimes like rape, attempted murder, 1st or 2nd degree murder, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon. We know people like this are dangers, they have proven themselves to be dangers. And, some of the mass shooters have long felony convictions. So, why is all the energy being used on guns, guns, guns?

With the left, especially the “do something” crowd, it is ALL about guns. They freak if you even mention mental illness, as if people who commit cold-blooded mass murder are all in perfect mental health until they see a gun. Dare to mention the effects of some of the medications people with mental health issues take, and they will scream you down.  If you mention stiffer sentencing for violent crimes, they scream about “disproportionate” convictions, arrests, etc. But really, for people like this lunatic, wouldn’t a life sentence end any chance they would ever commit another violent act?

In the wake of a mass shooting at a high school football game in Mobile, local leaders promised stricter security protocols at public school sports events.

The “enhanced” protocols will be implemented in time for next week’s high school football games, said Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson at a press conference with city and county leaders on Saturday afternoon.

The announcement came hours after nine people were injured by gunfire at Ladd-Peebles stadium at the end of a football game between LeFlore and Williamson high schools. Mobile police Chief Lawrence Battiste said the incident, which happened around 9:30 p.m. Friday, is considered a mass shooting because of the number of victims.

Deangelo Parnell, a 17-year-old LeFlore High School student, is charged with nine counts of attempted murder. If convicted of the Class A felony charge, he could face up to life in prison.

The shooting stemmed from a fight, and the suspect started “indiscriminately shooting,” the Associated Press reported, quoting Battiste. At the press conference, the chief said the investigation is continuing.

Six of the nine injured people had been released from the hospital by Saturday afternoon, Battiste said. Each of the victims was expected to survive, the authorities said. The ages of the injured ranged from 15 to 18.

The issue here is that he “could” face up to life in prison. Why is that option even open here? This evil person could have killed many people. So he didn’t? So what? Hasn’t he, by his actions shown he is unfit and too dangerous to not be locked away? Yet, all we hear from the media, from the left, is guns, guns, guns, do something, and idiotic hashtags like #NotOneMore. Thoise attacking the right to keep and bear arms are fools. They seek to enact laws that will be ignored by evil people while disarming good people who use firearms in self-defense hundreds of thousands of times annually. In short, gun control will increase violent crime. 

We can never end violence, it is as old as, well Cain and Abel. Evil people do, and always will exist. Guns do not cause evil, nor do video games, or music, or books, or chat rooms. The evil is there, in some people. And no law will erase that truth. But, the lack of focus, by so many, on actual solutions disturbs me greatly. Harsher sentencing will not be the only answer, but it will end recidivism, and save lives. No, it is not the whole answer, but it is one of them.

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