Rep. Ilhan “Little Ball of Hate” Omar want US to turn over control of our border to the UN

The Useless Nations controlling our borders? Hmmm, how about Hell no!

Even after the spectacle she has made of her hatred of America while serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, there may have been some who doubted that congresscritter Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) is an enemy of the United States. Any such doubts have now been laid to rest. Even as the USA is subjected to an ongoing invasion that is demographically deforming the country, Omar demands that we turn over control of our own border to the largely malevolent United Nations.

Screeches Omar:

“[W]e have to bring in the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”

“Refugees” is what foreign invaders are called in the context of asymmetrical warfare.

The demand bears hallmarks of how Europe was deluged with migrants after governments were forced to accept millions of “refugees” after lobbying from international groups and NGOs.

Omar, however bitterly anti-Western Culture she may be, is no fool. She knows such a plan would effectively destroy American sovereignty and or culture. That is her desire I am sure

5 thoughts on “Rep. Ilhan “Little Ball of Hate” Omar want US to turn over control of our border to the UN”

  1. If I were a native in foreign land and saw UN flag soldiers then I would treat them as enemy combatants and kill them. As an American if I saw a UN patch on a solider then I would consider him an enemy combatant and kill him. Right on the spot.

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