Alabama NAACP demands Alabama Governor resign over incident that happened 52 years ago

Not just any incident of course, oh no. This was a, I don’t even know if I can type the word, it was a, I hope by writing the word I do not ruin someone’s life, BLACKFACE incident! Yes, a blackface incident, that happened over five decades ago has the professionally offended and aggrieved NAACP demanding the governor step down.

Gov. Kay Ivey apologized today for a racist college skit she chuckled about on the radio 52 years ago.

The apology was not enough for some African American officials. The Alabama NAACP called on Ivey to resign, saying the expression of remorse does not erase her participation in “activities that mocked and intimidated African Americans.”

“It may have been 52 years ago when the skit happened, but it apparently still shapes who she is today,” Alabama NAACP President Benard Simelton said in a statement. “She refused to meet with the NAACP two years ago to discuss race relations in Alabama. She has not taken steps to expand Medicaid in Alabama, she gladly signed bills to protect one of the most racist American symbols, the Confederate flag and monuments.”

Well, how dare Governor Ivey try to preserve history? I mean she should be bulldozing monuments, burning flags, and digging up Confederate graves to prove how “woke” she is. The fact is this. It happened 52 years ago, if that is the worst thing that the NAACP has to worry about, then they have it pretty good. But this is what the race baiters at the NAACP do, they play the victim, embitter people, and try to enrage as many Black people as they can because that is what pays their bills.

Yes, it sucks that blackface ever was a thing, but the key word is was. Was as in 52 years ago, when someone was in college, where doing stupid things is pretty common. And those stupid things really should not matter five decades after they happened should they? There are a lot of issues that the NAACP could be working on that would greatly help the black community. How about the out of wedlock birth rate? How about the disproportionate violent crime rate in those communities? Violence that overwhelmingly hurts those in those communities. 

Sadly though, the NAACP would rather divide than unite. And it is easier to sensationalize college stunts from  50-something years ago. It would appear the NAACP is more about dividing than actually helping. The media, of course, is all too willing to help spread the fake outrage. And no one wins with this, no one. Well, except the racial grifters.

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