Feminism, just something else the left hijacked and weaponized

The Other McCain lays out the case against modern day “Feminism”

Feminism is a totalitarian movement to destroy civilizations as we know it, and the more power a totalitarian movement gets, the more power they crave. There is no logical stopping point for the demands of a totalitarian. You give Hitler the Sudetenland, and next he’ll annex the rest of Czechoslovakia and invade Poland. So the more our society seeks to appease feminists, they angrier feminists become, and the more insane the demands they make. Feminism is an anti-male hate movement, and no man is safe from its destructive power. However, the men most vulnerable to this destruction are those who consider themselves “enlightened” and “sensitive,” and who naïvely believe that their support for “equality” will prevent them from becoming targets of feminist wrath.

Consider the case of Jonathan Kaiman, a young journalist who was Beijing bureau chief of the Los Angeles Times, and was elected in 2017 as president of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC). And then #MeToo happened. In January 2018, a girl he’d hooked up with one night in 2013 wrote a blog post in which she described their encounter as, well, not entirely consensual on her part:

After an evening out drinking and flirting, [Laura] Tucker drove Kaiman on her scooter back to her apartment. There, she wrote, they mutually and consensually undressed and got into bed. . . .
Tucker wrote that while making out in bed with Kaiman, she had a change of heart, so she stood up and said she didn’t want to continue. . . .

You can read the rest. Evidently, Kaiman persuaded her to resume their encounter, but she says it made her feel “gross” and, once Tucker did her #MeToo hit-piece on Kaiman, another woman came forward to say that she, too, had a less-than-entirely-consensual encounter with him. The result was the destruction of Kaiman’s once-promising career.

Feminists insist there should be only one side of these stories. If a woman says a man sexually assaulted her, we must #BelieveWomen and forget everything we know about human nature. If a woman goes out drinking with a guy, then she takes him back to her apartment, what do we presume the intended outcome to be? A case like this could never be prosecuted as rape in a court of law, but thanks to #MeToo and its #BelieveWomen principle, any man who has ever had sex with a woman is a potential target for destruction. All your ex-girlfriend has to do is write a Facebook post claiming that you somehow victimized her and — BOOM! — your reputation is permanently destroyed.

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