4 thoughts on “Saturday Babes I gotta get to Japan one day”

  1. If you ever make it to Tokyo, make it a point to visit Akihabara. Lots of electronics stores, lots of otaku, a nutty, weird, interesting, wonderful place. Also home to the best tonkatsu curry in the Tokyo area – a little hole in the wall coupon diner just off the main drag.

  2. Always wanted to go sometime myself – Check out Mount Fuji,a few other places in addition to here – https://www.keiunkan.co.jp/en/ – 1300 year old inn,the world’s oldest near the famous hot springs.

    Watch/ learn from a master blacksmith hand forging one of their legendary wood chisels,axes & plane irons would be especially of interest to me.The food is great too,what little I’ve had in the States.

  3. I took a year of Japanese; have forgotten most of it. But was talking with a local Japanese woman who works at a grocery store. She asked me why I took Japanese. My reply?

    Honto? Nihonjin na onna wa, totemo kiree to omoimasu.

    “Truth? I think Japanese women are very pretty.”

    My wife is from Kazakhstan; she once asked me if I married her because she was Asian. I replied that I married her because I loved her. Unsaid: The fact that she is Asian didn’t hurt her standing! 😉

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