The Fencer who Pretended to be a Victim

When Ignorance rules knowledge…………. Well Mike McDaniel explains

Back on August 14, in Race Imboden: An American Fencer?  I wrote about young Mr. Imboden, who fenced for America at the recent Pan Am Games, and taking a page from the handbook of various dim-witted athletes protesting this or that, knelt during the national anthemFencing authorities noted that all athletes compete with the understanding that political displays of any sort are forbidden, and said they were considering “consequences.” I suggested one:

I can think of one particularly appropriate consequence: forfeiture of the privilege of ever again representing a country whose ‘shortcomings’ gave Imboden license to imagine he could spit on Americans and dishonor the American flag and national anthem.

Perhaps Imboden is well intentioned.  Perhaps he was merely caught up in the all too common ill-informed passion of youth. Perhaps he’s trying to impress a girl. Perhaps he is just a narcissistic jerk.

Racism in America, including white supremacy, is all but dead, with the exception of the miscreants Hanson identified.  Such people are few in number, and have no political or cultural influence.  They are justly regarded as social pariahs by all decent Americans of any race.

Go read the whole thing

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